Teaching Languages to Students with Dyslexia

The “Teaching Languages to Students with Dyslexia” workshop provides strategies for educators to support dyslexic students in language learning.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding dyslexia & language learning(You will understand what dyslexia is, how the dyslexic brain works and the effects of dyslexia on students that want to learn a different language.)
  • Recognize dyslexia in your students (You will be able to screen for possible dyslexia and recognize it in your students.)
  • What does dyslexia feel like?(You will experience what it feels like to have a dyslexic brain and understand its impact on language learning.)
  • Adapt your classes & materials(You will know how to effectively adapt your classes and materials to students with dyslexia.)
  • Useful teaching tools (You will have a series of tools and games to make your classes more fun and dyslexia friendly.)

Session 1:

–       Understanding dyslexia

–       Knowing what dyslexia feels like

–       Recognizing dyslexia in your students

–       Reflection

Session 2:

–       Dyslexia teaching strategies

–       Adapting material

–       Reflection

Only 12 seats

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April 29th
May 6th


15:30 PM - 18:00 PM




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Boelo van der Pool

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